Cross Road Storage, North Dartmouth, MA self storage

Packing Supplies

Cross Road Storage goes the extra mile for you. Boxes, locks, packing supplies and more are all conveniently available for purchase at our facility. It makes moving, packing, and storing your valued possessions easy and convenient.


Cross Road Storage have doubled-walled construction boxes, Ask the manager which boxes are best for the items you are packing. We offer standard-sized boxes and specialty boxes for items such as TVís, VCRís, and pictures.

Bubble Wrap

When moving and storing fragile items, cushioning should be a primary concern. Cross Road Storage sells many different types of cushioning products, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, and foam peanuts.


Our manager can help you estimate how much tape you need for the number of boxes youíll be packing.


Cross Road Storage offers disc locks, which are case-hardened, making them strike and pick proof.